China RoHS Conformity Assessment: 12 product categories affected after November 1, 2019

China green product label

12 product categories (listed below) are subject to China RoHS conformity assessment if put into China’s market after November 1, 2019. An early-published official document (shortened-name as ‘Implementation Arrangements’) has finally confirmed two conformity assessment routes: one is ‘voluntary certification’ and the other is ‘self-declaration’. Providers of products in 12 categories shall take either route to demonstrate their compliance with China RoHS.

Despite the chosen route, technical supporting documents are required to uploaded to a public service platform for further surveillance. It is worth mentioning that all documents shall be prepared in Chinese and uploaded by companies registered in China as legal person. Upon the successful completion of each route, a specific green product label (shown above) shall be applied on product body or other places visible to public.

Therefore, foreign companies, if not legal person in China, need to have an authoritative representative, like Certrip, to help handling China RoHS conformity assessment. See our China RoHS column for more information, including the whole process flowchart.

12 product categories:

  1. refrigerator
  2. air conditioner
  3. washing machine
  4. electric water heater
  5. printer
  6. copier
  7. fax machine
  8. TV set
  9. monitor
  10. microcomputer
  11. mobile communication device
  12. telephone