China Green Product (CGP)

In November 2016, the State Council of China issued “the Opinions on Developing a Unified Standard, Certification and Identification System of Green Products”(No. 86 [2016] of the General Office of the State Council), aiming to the construction of a unified green product standardization system in China.

For purposes of implementing the requirements of “the Opinions”, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has developed “the Administrative Measures for the Use of the Green Product Label” in 2019. According to “the Administrative Measures”, China Green Product label mainly covers two product categories: so-called “all-green products” and “green-related products”.

“All-green products” are products having been listed in the national unified “Green Product Certification Catalogue” (see Product Tab) which meet ALL the standard requirements involving green attributes, such as environmental protection, energy saving, water saving, recycling, low-carbon, regeneration, organic, hazardous substances restricted use, etc.

CGP lable for “all-green products”

“Green-related products” refers to products that meet the standard requirements which involves at least one green attribute mentioned above. Until now, green building materials and express packaging have been put into this category.

CGP lable for “green-related products”

In addition, China Green Product label is also applicable to electrical and electronic products regulated by China RoHS “Standard Achieving Management Catalogue” (see China RoHS column).

China Green Product certificate allows enterprises to gain competitive differentiator and additional values when sell or export to China.

  • Policy support

To promote the adoption of certified products with CGP label, SAMR in collaboration with other ministries of the State Council and local governments (such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai) to introduce preferential policies such as government procurement of green products, green finance, credit and subsidies. At the same time, the main domestic e-commerce platforms have opened special section to promote CGP products as well as launched an industry-wide initiative to use certified green packaging products.

  • Bidding Advantages

CGP label is necessary to gain bidding advantages for enterprises to participate in major projects/government investment projects.

  • Brand reputation

As a national promoted voluntary certification, CGP label is an important symbol for enterprises to show their achievements on green development and corporate social responsibility.

Conformity assessment scheme for INITIAL CGP certification roughly consists of activities illustrated in the following diagram. There might be minor changes to the scheme based on each product-specific certification implementation rules. After acquiring the CGP certificate, its validity is 5 years and maintained through regular (no more than 1 year interval) post-certification surveillance.

Certrip urges every applicant pursue professional guidance when pursuing CGP certification. By taking the service offered by Certrip, you will be completely released from the burdensome communication job and have a specialist working on your behalf in China to actively manage your certification process. Furthermore, a life-cycle service is available on request to have you completely covered throughout the whole life of CGP certification including post-certification surveillance and re-assessment process afterwards.

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Until now, the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) has issued three batches of the list of  “Green Product Certification Catalogue”.

Batch No.

Product No. Standard




1 GB/T 35601-2017 Wood-based panels and wooden flooring
2 GB/T 35602-2017 Coating material
3 GB/T 35603-2017 Sanitary wares
4 GB/T 35604-2017 Building glass
5 GB/T 35606-2017 Solar water heating system
6 GB/T 35607-2017 Furniture
7 GB/T 35608-2017 Thermal insulation
8 GB/T 35609-2017 Waterproof matreials and sealants
9 GB/T 35610-2017 Ceramics tiles(Board)
10 GB/T 35611-2017 Textile products
11 GB/T 35612-2017 Wood plastic composites products
12 GB/T 35613-2017 Paper and paper products


1 GB/T 37866-2019 Plastic products
2 GB/T 39020-2020 Detergents
3 GB/T 39084-2020 Packings for express service
Ⅲ (2021.12.16) 1 GB/T 39761.1-2021 Refrigerators, air-conditioners and washing machines
2 GB/T 40718-2021 Tyres

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