To succeed in product compliance field is all about up-to-date knowledge, abundant experience and, not surprisingly, rich resources. By consistently engaging in standardization work in below organisations in China, Mr.Bian has been staying as an insider in China’s product environmental compliance field with contribution to China’s product environmental standards.

  • 2006~2016 member representative of Standard Working Group of China for Electronic Information Product Pollution and Prevention (China RoHS)
  • 2008~2016 experts of National Technical Committee 297: Environmental Standardization for Electrical and Electronic Products and Systems
  • 2012~2016 Company representative in Communications Equipment Energy-saving and Comprehensive Utilization Special Task Group, China Communications Standards Association (CCSA)
  • Since 2007 as Chinese National Cleaner Production Auditor

By contacting Certrip, your every single request will be handled by Mr.Bian, other than some ignorant rookie, to receive decent care. For every project you trust with Certrip, Mr.Bian will take on the responsibility for a whole process if workload permits.

When Mr.Bian is not the perfect choice due to non-availability or skills mismatch, other reliable professionals in China will be quickly screened and reached out to best match your requests. In this circumstance, Mr.Bian will be supervising through the whole project to ensure high-quality execution.

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