China Energy Conservation Program (CECP)

China energy conservation program

China Energy Conservation Program (CECP) is a voluntary certification program aiming to promote more production and purchase of resource-efficient products in China. There are 18 product categories (updated 2021) listed in CECP catalogue. The catalogue covers energy or water-related products, like electrical and electronic equipment, lighting appliances and shower set. Please see ‘PRODUCT’ tab to find the full list of the catalogue as well as corresponding standards.

Since it is voluntary, no custom clearance issues in connection with CECP certification will be likely to happen when you export your products into the general market of China. But when it comes to certain market sectors, CECP certification can be indispensable for certain products to be accepted or gain competitive advantages.

  • Government procurement

CECP is an important certification in China’s government procurement for products in CECP catalogue. Products in  catalogue are categorised into two different groups, i.e. ‘mandatory group’ and ‘preferential group’. Products in ‘mandatory group’ MUST have CECP certification to be accepted into the competition in any China’s government procurement programme. For products falling under ‘preferential group’, CECP is almost a must-have in order to get an advantage over or at least be on a par with competitors.

  • Bid in business market

As far as business-to-business market is concerned, some specific requirements from customers, though not legally compulsory, might act as determinant factors in screening potential suppliers. Energy efficiency in many cases is one of those specific requirements amid growing concerns of increasing energy demand in China. From this point of view, CECP certification is an authoritative testimony to distinguished energy efficiency of your products.

Conformity assessment scheme for INITIAL CECP certification consists of activities illustrated in the following diagram. As suggested in the diagram, intensive communication with certification body and testing laboratory is frequently required throughout the whole process. Certrip urges every applicant pursue professional guidance when any questions come up. For foreign applicants, various obstacles could arise because:

  • local representative is necessary to help stay close relationship with certification body and testing lab
  • official documents, e.g. certification rules, technical criteria and testing specification are all written in Chinese
  • Chinese is required when preparing application documents and communicating with certification body as well as testing lab

By taking the service offered by Certrip, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and have a specialist working on your behalf in China to actively manage your certification process. Furthermore, a life-cycle service is available on request to have you completely covered throughout the whole life of CECP certification including surveillance and re-assessment process afterwards.

China CECP

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CECP certification is applicable to many energy-related or water-related products, as introduced in tab ‘what’. Certrip has prepared a full list of CECP catalogue (updated 2021) as shown below.

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