China’s 24th government procurement List for energy conservation products released

On 16 Aug 2018, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and National People’s Congress and National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China jointly issued ‘24th government procurement List for Energy Conservation Products’. Products in the list are categorised into two different groups: mandatory and preferential. For products in the mandatory group, a valid CECP certificate is one of the qualifications for acceptance into any bids for public-fund procurements. As for products in the preferential group, acquiring CECP certification will benefit them with preferential treatment in any bids for public-fund procurements. Currently, product categories in mandatory group include:

  • desktop computer
  • portable computer
  • tablet computer
  • laser printer
  • dot matrix printer
  • LCD display
  • refrigerant compressor
  • air conditioning systems
  • air conditioner for data centre
  • ballasts
  • household air conditioner
  • electric water heaters
  • double-capped fluorescent lamps for general lighting
  • television equipment
  • video equipment
  • WC pan
  • Faucets